It’s amazing how many type of lamps we have in our homes – different bulb shapes, bases and even brightness! Giving up on incandescent bulbs and CFLs in order to switch to LED lighting might seem nearly impossible considering.

Why not make things easier by downloading and printing the form below? The PDF file is also editable so you can fill in the details on your computer if you wish. This can be your tally to mark up EXACTLY all the different lamps you may need.

The form is designed to highlight various elements to look for:

  • Cap
  • Base
  • Lumen Output
  • Colour
  • Dimmable/Non Dimmable

First, check what kind of bulbs you are currently using (in terms of shape, wattage, base etc.) so that you know the kind of replacements you should look for.

Take a quick tour of your home writing down the quantities and shape/style for each bulb model. Also consider the Watt (light output) and colour temperature (ambiance). Make a note of any requirement for dimmable bulbs

Use the Home Survey to list the different bulbs you need to upgrade your home to LED lighting and you will be ready to shop in no time.

Home Survey editable form


Example Form P1.


Example Form P2.