How LEDs can boost up sales in your store

In the past few years, promoting businesses via alternate channels (such as social media platforms and online shopping websites) has bloomed so much that it made retailers and wholesalers rethink their sales strategies. First of all, how should they cope with the fact that consumers nowadays are overwhelmed with choices? And how should they still be able to attract customers to their stores since everybody appears to be moving online?

These are legitimate questions, since the so called decline of retail has been heavily discussed lately. But some business owners chose to focus on simple and effective solutions one of them being strategic lighting. And with the Building Research Organization publishing their study which shows that LEDs can have a direct influence in increasing sales, it makes sense why more and more retailers and wholesalers choose this as an alternative.

As it has been proven, apart from the huge cost savings that they bring to the business (43% of an average store’s electricity bill comes from lighting), LEDs have a massive psychological influence in the consumer’s decision to purchase the product or not.

Besides using outdoor digital business signs, that are definitely brighter and can also contribute to impulse buys, LEDs can be used to your benefit inside the store as well.
For instance, lighting specialists recommend using high quality LED bulbs that have a +80 CRI (Supacell LED has scored +83) because they help customers see the products in the most true to life colours possible. Other lighting sources, such as fluorescent ones, can seem too aggressive to certain people and can even induce headaches. This makes even more sense especially in the clothing industry – the fitting rooms need a perfect balance of light (overhead and frontal) in order to avoid shadows under the customer’s eyes and to properly direct the light on the clothes. This is where directional lighting can be put to good use.

One of the main advantages of LEDs is that they don’t spread the light everywhere, but they produce it in a forward direction. For instance, if certain products (new comers, special offers etc) need to be highlighted, narrow beam angles are the best solution. This is why spotlights have become so popular – they are best at restricting light to a particular area. In addition to that, they give a classy look to the room and add value to the product, according to studies.

Interior designers also recommend using lighting to create a path in the store in other words, to induce to customers where they should go, so that none of the shop corners remain unexplored.
Yet, by far, the best strategy to induce the shopping spree is using the right type of light. LED light bulbs come in three types of light: warm, day and cool. Day whites are highly recommended in this case, because they make consumers contemplate and emotional. They will be more prone on taking suggestions and being influenced.
Strategy lighting is effective and beneficial. Get the right LED bulbs for your building with our catalogue of high quality advanced LED bulbs (and this single step will become a turning point for your business):


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