Improved Supacell LED dimmable series available SOON!

Once again, we set ourselves apart from the competition with our top asset Supacell LED!

During the past 2 months, we have submitted our products to a massive upgrade so that you can enjoy the latest improvements in the LED market AS THEY HAPPEN!

Starting next January, all Supacell LED dimmable series will have a special driver (NXP technology) incorporated which ensures higher performance and an extended life.

NXP is one of the largest non-memory semiconductor supplier globally and the leading semiconductor supplier for the Secure Identification, Automotive and Digital Networking industries, making it the obvious choice for developing premium products.

The special driver ensures a better performance, for instance:

  • More accurate current matching for improved uniformity (eliminates the need for manual trimming and matching).
  • Higher frequency PWM operation, up to 100 KHz (eliminates audible noise and visual artifacts such as flicker and waterfall noise).
  • Support of wider dimming ranges (up to 50,000:1)
  • Improved dimming linearity
  • Dynamic headroom control (DHC) – which automatically adjusts the output voltage depending on the voltages across the LED strings.
  • Integration of the boost FET in many applications (reduces the BOM and system cost and enables more accurate current control and over current protection).
  • Up to 60V output, driving more LEDs per device

The first 10 orders will have an early bird discount, so make sure you call us at 01274307310 (or drop us an email at and catch the special offer!

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