Looking to cut down your expenses? Go LED!

We are often asked by our partners or customers: why should I choose Supacell LED products? They’re expensive! Well, our answer is always this: think of them as an INVESTMENT. Even though regular light bulbs might SEEM they are saving you money, they are actually taking more out of your pocket on a long term. Here are some interesting facts you might not know:

  • Supacell LED products can save up to 90% (and more!) on energy. Can you imagine the cost savings?
  • They are created using only the latest technology, thus bringing the highest Power per Watt in the market for improved efficiency
  • They have a 30 K hour life span in other words, if they are used 3-4 hours per day, they could last up to 25 years! Wow!
  • The ACD driver enables the bulb to turn on and off at least 15.000 times over its lifetime
  • They have a 3 year guarantee buy now, save up for later, that’s what we say!
  • They use the No 1 brand A+ LED chip not only providing a longer life, but also a greater light quality

Without doubt, this kind of technology is the future in the lighting industry, setting base for yet greater improvements and discoveries. Still not convinced? Call us at 44 (0) 1274 307 310 and one of our enthusiastic sales colleagues (who, by the way, are already using our products) will tell you more on why you should choose the Supacell LED experience!

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