NEW Supacell LED products NOW available!

Going forward with this month’s great news, we are very excited to announce you that our top selling LED models have been re-launched!

Starting this October, six of our products have been improved in order to provide better lumens, better power AND better light! Now, you can enjoy an even higher performance AT THE SAME AMAZING PRICES!

The re-launch was made official on October 2nd, also known as Change a Light Day. On this day, people are encouraged to switch to energy saving products and replace the inefficient lights in their homes. We found this to be the perfect occasion for spreading the word about the improved range!

In addition to that, we also released a completely new 15W GLS model, a perfect replacement for your 100W incandescent bulbs check it all out below!




For more details, give us a call at 440 1274 307 310 or drop us an email at we would be happy to help!

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