A+ smart LED

Supacell LED started out as a concept a top performing LED light bulb that will change standards in the lighting industry as we know them.

We implemented this by using only the latest technology on the market this allowed us to develop premium products that provide the best quality light and an extended life.

The A+Smart LED technology ensures that the light bulbs come with a 3 year guarantee and +30K hours of life. With an average use of 3-4 hours per day, that means 25 years!

A+ smart LED technology


Smart LED technology

In order to have as much light as possible, as well as great stability against electricity variations, LED light bulbs need a large chip. Supacell LED products are developed using the latest innovations on the market  the A+ Smart LED technology. This chip is one of the best ones in the industry at the moment, bringing the promise for an extended life and better, brighter light.

In addition to that, this technology ensures that the light bulbs provide up to 90% energy savings compared to the classic incandescent ones.

Smart LED tech


90% of the success rate of an LED bulb depends on the driver it has incorporated. For Supacell LED, we have patented a special driver this means no other manufacturer in the market is currently using it.

Our lighting specialists developed the ACD driver this consists of a unique technology that allows the light bulb to turn on and off for at least 15,000 times throughout its lifetime. In addition to that, it ensures an enhanced heat resistance and contributes to the light bulbs overall extended life.

ACD driver



An important factor in creating high quality light is the fluorescent powder inside the bulb. By using high quality phosphor, we ensure that the bulbs will emit the same shade of white in an even manner. In other words, colours will be reflected truly and naturally. This performance is measured by CRI the colour rendering index. The components used in Supacell LED Lighting Products ensure that a high CRI value is achieved throughout the range. With a score of 83+ CRI, Supacell LED sets itself as one of the best LED bulbs on the market.



  • Think of lumens as a new way of knowing how bright a lamp is instead of using watts
  • Lumens (lm) are a measurement of the total amount of visible light (to the eye) from a lamp or lightsource.
  • The higher the lumen rating the brighter the lamp will appear.
  • We have all bought 50W or 60W bulbs or spotlights, but incorrectly linked POWER CONSUMPTION to light output! With LED, more light output can be achieved with much less power consumption.
Lumen Efficiency


SDCM (Standard Deviation Colour Matching) is recognized measurement of how colour can change under different lighting conditions & is measured in steps. A1 step measurement defines a zone in which the human eye cannot tell any difference. Colours reflected under a light source with a step measurement of 3 will look different to the human eye than they would when viewed in natural light.

The SDCM technology used in Supacell LED lights, bulbs & spots ensures that the colours are reflected truly & naturally for the entirety of the lamp life, whilst other brands lamp colours start to deviate after just a few weeks.

SDM technology


Power Factor defines how much power is wasted by the bulb & calculated as the ratio of real power consumed by a load (expressed in Watts) to apparent power (expressed in VA). PF values of less than 1 use more power. PF with a value closest to 1 are the most efficient.

Supacell LED use the latest AC driver & Aluminum heat sink technology which enables our LED to have good power and less energy loss.

Supacell have invested in a high-end testing facilities where many tests are carried out to insure that our consumers receive long lasting LED bulbs.


Supacell LED dimmable series have a special driver which ensures higher performance & an extended life.

Our supplier, NXP is currently one of the largest non-memory semiconductor supplier globally & the leading semiconductor supplier for the Secure Identification, Automotive & Digital Networking industries, making it the obvious choice for developing premium products.

NXP drivers provide:

  • Accurate current matching for improved uniformity (no need for manual trimming and matching).
  • Higher frequency PWM operation, up to 100 KHz (eliminates noise and flickering)
  • Support of wider dimming ranges (up to 50,000:1)
  • Improved dimming linearity.
  • Dynamic headroom control (DHC) that automatically adjusts the output voltage.
  • Integration of the boost FET in many applications (reduced BOM and system cost).
SDM technology