Which Supacell LED should I choose for outdoor decoration?

If you’re new to the LED world, you probably have no idea what would go best with your outdoor space. Relax, besides landscape designers and LED manufacturers, nobody does. You probably just have a picture in your head with how you’d love your house to look like, but nothing more. Well, this is where we come in to fill in the gaps and help you make the best choice.
First of all, what are you aiming for? Clearly, the ideal landscape design is a very personal thing. You could go for:

1. Less is more
You want enough outdoor lighting to reveal your house, but not so much that it makes the landscape look like the next national arena. This is what we generally call a minimalist style. Close to the natural look, this kind of lighting creates a rather mysterious background. But be very careful, the line between romantic and spooky is very thin. So if you want to ever have guests over again, make sure you don’t downsize the lighting too much.
How to achieve it: use just enough lighting to ensure safe passing (ex: a few spotlights on the alley) and maybe enhance a few trees you can put the spotlight behind them in order to create shading, silhouetting. The narrower the spot, the more attention is drawn.
For that, use the PAR IP65 WATERPROOF Supacell SERIES. We recommend the warm whites, but feel free to experiment!

2. I’m the Superstar!
If you want something bolder and more dramatic, you can go for some statement lighting. Yes, just as there are statement bags, statement jewelry, there is also statement lighting.
How to achieve it: to get that luxurious look, you must use spotlights, but also floodlights that are particularly bright. They should provide a wider coverage, or be focused on certain objects in the landscape. Nevertheless, be sure you know when to stop: kitsch could be one floodlight away. You don’t want your neighbours to go blind.
Use Supacell Slim Flood series (which also have micro PIR sensor) or the simple Flood Series. They have high strength tempered safety glass enabling high transmittance and impact resistance.

3. Keeping it safe
If your only purpose is to provide security to your house, then the focus should be on those regions where people go about more.
How to achieve it: illuminate the alley to your house door use spotlights or wider floodlights. Choose a reflector for your porch (Supacell reflector, non-dimmable).

Just as an advice, when choosing outdoor lighting, also keep symmetry in mind. Symmetry is one of the main design principles, as it generates positive emotional responses. This is the reason why you should seek the symmetrical elements in your landscape and try to reveal them. This doesn’t mean that the lighting needs to be exactly the same on each symmetrical component. Moreover, you should stand back and view the entire property.
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