3 Year Guarantee

Replacement for faulty product in domestic use only.
Terms and Conditions for Guarantee:


1. Guarantee is limited to the purchase of original product or part of it only.
2. Guarantee is limited to repair or replacement. (Refund can only be claimed if no repair or replacement is possible).
3. Guarantee is only applicable to products used for domestic purposes.
4. Guarantee period is valid for three years from the date of purchase. Original proof of purchase must be submitted as validation to support any claim under this Guarantee.

5. In the unlikely event that a manufacturing defect has occurred, please return the faulty product for inspection, along with your proof of purchase to the following address:

Multibrands International Ltd
2 Jowett Street
Bradford, England
6. Any postage charges for the return of faulty products will be borne by the purchaser.
7. This Guarantee is applicable to EU and US Jurisdiction and does not affect your local statutory rights.
8. This Guarantee is only applicable to product failure, arising from manufacturing defect.
9. Damage caused to the product by any other reasons including improper installation, negligence of operation, damage caused by food or drink spillage, improper electrical supply and/or voltage, voltage fluctuation, power failure, power fluctuation, power surge, excessive heat, chemical reaction, negligence to follow correct instructions of use, lack of product maintenance or abnormal atmospheric conditions are not covered in this Guarantee.
10.All rights reserved with Multibrands International Ltd who will decide any question of validity to genuine claims in respect of this Guarantee.