Our Supacell battery brands have become a critical and compelling success in many of the countries we export to. We have a presence in five continents and have ambitions this year to strengthen our position further in the global and home market. We extend an invitation to new business partners and especially B2B wholesalers to sample for themselves the quality and performance our products offer by providing a free

sample delivery service. Speak with one of our sales advisors or contact us by e-mail and we’ll arrange to send you a sample range that demonstrates not just a quality and performance led brand but one that will build and deliver long lasting sales and equally impressive margins for your company.

Supacell Digital Alkaline Batteries

Supacell Digital
Superior Alkaline for
Extra High Power
fand Digital use.

Supacell electronic button cell batteries

Supacell Digital
Premium Alkaline and Lithium batteries
for electronics and security.

Supacell zinc chloride batteries

Supacell Power+
High Power Heavy
Duty Batteries.

Supacell LED bulbs

Advanced Technology
High Quality
Intelligent Lighting